Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not-So-Super Mario Bros. -- The Flops in Nintendo's History, Continued

If you missed the first half of this look into the failures Nintendo doesn't want to remember (seriously, all of these cannot be found on Nintendo's official website), see my earlier posts.
The next dishonorable mention to make is the Virtual Boy, which was released in 1995. The device attempted to create a 3D gaming effect 16 years too early. One would put their eyes to the hole and gaze into this red box, where the game would be seen in full 3D.

The Nintendo 64DD comes next on this list. The "DD" stood for Disk Drive, and was intended to let the N64 use disks in lieu of cartridges. Japan got it on December 1st, 1999, and it was a commercial flop. It never even reached the U.S., and for good reason.
I would rag on the entire GameCube console because it was Nintendo's least profitable console (beyond that disgraceful red box above), but the GCN brought us some of the best long-run franchises like Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion. Yes, the GameCube was a quirky low point in Nintendo's history, but it just doesn't deserve the hate. By the way, if you hold the Y button while turning on the console, you can hear a baby laugh!
To end this list is the uDraw GameTablet, which looked like a primitive Wii U. It was actually developed by THQ for the Wii, and was released in 2010. Basically, you used it just like a touch screen, but there wasn't an actual screen. THQ went into bankruptcy because of the $56 million loss, and sold off its assets in 2013.
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  3. Nintendo has always been one of those companies that thinks of great things that are ahead of the times and puts all of their resources towards all theirs ideas. Yet, it is not until they put theses items onto the market when they actually look at the product and realize how bad it turned out to be... its so sad.