Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fantastic 4th Generation

I was recently contemplating which Pokémon event could occur next, and then I got to thinking about the kinds of events we've seen lately. Mostly, Game Freak just hands out some creature that has some special quality about it... or it's just another event-only legendary one. Whatever happened to the days Generation 4 (D/P/Pl and HG/SS), when events actually consisted of traveling to an exclusive location, experiencing some hidden story segments, and capturing a Pokémon? The last one we saw was the Liberty Pass, which let us catch Victini about 3 years ago. C'mon, Game Freak, step it up!!
Of course, I grew up around the Gen 4 games, so I am a little biased... The modern events still lack quality. How about a Mega Arceus event where we visit some strange realm accessed by venturing into Santalune Forest, where the god of all Pokémon creation resides?


  1. YES. But, for the Mega Arceus of doom death, why Santalune Forest, of all places...? I personally think they should give more use to the Cave of Emptiness, since "nothing resides within it" so it could be the new residence of Arceus, as instead of nothing, it is actually a 4th dimensional portal to the god realm.