Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Alright, with Pokémon Z on the horizon, I decided to check out the video below to see what Game Freak could do with it.
In the video, JPRPokeTrainer98 talks about the villainous team and who its leader would be after what happened to Lysandre and Team Flare (I really don't know whether they ran off to wherever all the other villains go or died). And then it hit me. For quite a while, I have known that Team Galactic's plot was quite similar; destroy the planet and rebuild a better civilization. Except that Team Flare was going to kill all people and Pokémon off, while Cyrus would have rebuilt our planet almost identically. But what if Cyrus returns to take command of Kalos' power and re-attempt his plan? It's genius, I know.

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